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Amboise Highlights Pass

Discover the highlights of Amboise with this convenient day pass. The pass includes access to the Amboise Castle, a former royal residence, and Château du Clos-Lucé, a museum on the life and work of the renaissance genius; Léonardo Da Vinci.

A day discovering Amboise, in the heart of the Loire Valley! The royal château, to start, illustrating the very first blush of the Renaissance. Grave of Leonardo da Vinci, ostentatious court life, sumptuous parties, and tragedies make this residence a highlight of French national history. Not to be missed: Leonardo's tomb, the cavalry towers and the panorama over le Loire river. Then, appointment at the Clos-Lucé Mansion, less than 10 min walking away from the royal chateau. Leonardo da Vinci spent the three last years of his life after he was invited by King Francis Ist. This discreet brick house hosts remembrances of the Italian master. To be discovered: Leonardo's machines and workshop, and the bucolic park. 


Amboise Castle is open daily except on January 1 and December 25.
Château du Clos Lucé is open daily except on January 1, May 2 and December 25.


This tour is self-guided. You will have access to a histoPas / guided tour in the troya château of Amboise

Child Policy:

Skip the line ticket (except for any security check).

 In the royal château of Amboise : Ticket for the château and Leonardo's grave, access to the panorama, histoPad / guided tour.

In the Clos-Lucé Mansion : Ticket for